Lead generation

  • There are 3 main ways in which we generate leads for our Partners:
    • Contact Venue form. Users can access this form directly from each Venue Page. Once a venue enquiry is submitted, a copy of the information will be sent directly both to the Partner (via the e-mail provided during setup) and Phuket Romance.
    • Consultation calls. We offer complimentary 30-min wedding consultation call to all users that request it, where we address their questions and help them narrow down their venue choices.
    • Wedding Planning. A number of users hire Phuket Romance as their wedding planner. In these cases, we personally guide them to choose the perfect venue.
  • After a lead is generated, we will send to the Partner a “Lead Generation Notification” in PDF format, which will include all information provided by the user, as well as a Lead ID, date and time of generation, and source (contact venue form, consultation call, wedding planning).
  • After a lead is generated, the Partner can pick up the individual conversation with the client, without necessarily including Phuket Romance in the loop. We are generally happy to be included in such conversations whenever we can concretely support lead conversion.

Lead attribution

  • It sometimes happens that a client makes multiple inquiries to the same Venue through different channels (e.g., Venue’s own website, Phuket Romance, other platforms, wedding planners, etc.). In such cases, only the first touchpoint should be rewarded.
  • After receiving a new lead generation notification from Phuket Romance, the Partner should verify whether the client already reached out through other channels. If so, the Partner should communicate it promptly via e-mail to Phuket Romance, specifying the source and timing of the first touchpoint.
  • In case of any doubt or confusion over lead attribution, we will jointly review all the lead information available from both sides to reach a shared decision.

Venue Visibility

  • Our vision is to treat all our Partners in the same way, providing to the extent possible the same conditions and the same visibility to all
  • As a general rule, the order of venue listings on the homepage and Venue Finder page is randomly rotated every two weeks
  • The only exception to the rule above will be the following: every time a Partner shares material for a Wedding Story, s/he will earn one week of positioning on the top of the list for the week the story is published. This is done to incentivize the publication of more stories, which is one of the best ways to showcase venues in their full potential

Venue Pages – Reviews and material

  • Our team independently crafts the venue reviews based first and foremost on personal inspections, as well as on available public sources (venue’s website, social media, press articles…). We welcome Partners to notify us of any factual inaccuracies, which we’ll promptly correct.
  • Partners are invited to provide us every year with recent pictures from weddings that took place on their property. It is of great importance that all the pictures on Phuket Romance reflect the current status of the facilities.
  • Photos may be lightly edited to maintain a consistent visual style across the platform.