Paddy & Jon’s Traditional Thai Wedding

On a sunny May morning Paddy and Jon embarked on a deeply personal journey, celebrating their union in a traditional Thai wedding. They chose the internal garden of The Pavilions Phuket for the ceremony, where a placid pond adorned with lotus flowers and lush trees created a spiritual atmosphere of peace. As the day unfolded, the vibrant beat of Thai drums echoed through the air, guiding Jon, dressed in rich hues of Thai attire, to his beloved Paddy. With “Khan Mark” in hand, symbolizing love and respect, Jon’s entourage journeyed to Paddy’s family, where gifts were exchanged amid laughter and joy. In a tender moment, Jon slipped the wedding ring onto Paddy’s finger, sealing their promise of love. Monks chanted prayers for the couple’s health, happiness, and prosperity. Finally, the time came for the Water Pouring Ceremony, where guests poured sacred water over the couple’s hands, offering their heartfelt blessings.

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