Peach Nataphan

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After a degree in Performing Arts, Peach developed his passion for beauty and make-up into his professional career. In the last 10+ years, he helped countless brides (and grooms!) to look their best on their special day. Peach’s beauty philosophy? “Transform your confidence with the magic of makeup”.


Bridal Hair & Makeup

Starting From: 10,000 THB
  • Bridal Hair & Makeup on the wedding day
  • Groom Hair & light makeup (if needed)
  • Dressing of the bride
  • False eyelashes


  • The price does not include stand-by for touch up

Trial Hair & Makeup

Starting From: 6,000 THB
  • Generally 2-3 hours
  • 1 full makeup with up to 3 style changes (eyes and lips only)

10 Questions

Could you tell us about your hometown and any other places that hold a place in your heart?

I was born and raised in Phang Nga Province, a province in southern Thailand bordering Phuket, which held a special place in my heart as my favorite childhood getaway. It became clear that Phuket was where I belonged, prompting my decision to make it my permanent home where I can enjoy both the city life and nature

When did you first move to Phuket and why?

Over two decades ago, I relocated to Phuket to pursue my university studies. I've immersed myself in the local culture and made a community of friends. I've come to feel like a true Phuket resident.

What inspired your choice of becoming a Hair & Makeup artist?

The journey towards becoming a Hair & Makeup artist was ignited during my university days while studying Performing Arts. It was there that I discovered the magic of makeup and hair, as I frequently applied myself with makeup for performances. Seeing how a simple application could transform not just appearances but also confidence, I found joy in the artistry. After graduating, I got deeper into makeup techniques, exploring different styles and drawing inspiration from international makeup artists along the way.

How would you describe your beauty philosophy in one sentence?

"Transform your confidence with the magic of makeup."

Are there any hair and makeup icons or artists who have influenced your style and approach?

Certainly! I draw inspiration from a variety of sources, particularly celebrities and beauty influencers on platforms like Instagram. Given the ever-evolving nature of makeup trends, I find it important to stay updated on the latest styles. Among the artists who have significantly influenced my approach are Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Their bold and creative hair and makeup choices resonate with me. While my makeup style tends to lean towards bridal aesthetics, I'm continually inspired by their daring and innovative looks.

Can you describe one of your favorite bridal looks you've created?

One of my favorite bridal makeup looks to create is what I like to call "glamorous." I find that this style translates incredibly well on camera, particularly under sunlight. It gives out a sense of elegant and soft high-end, without being overly heavy or too light. Given Thailand's hot and humid weather, this look works wonders, especially when the skin naturally develops a radiant glow due to the humidity. It's all about achieving that perfect balance where the makeup complements the bride's features seamlessly.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

The most challenging aspect of my profession is adapting makeup techniques to cater to clients from diverse backgrounds—countries, cultures, skin tones, and hair colors. I often work with both Asian and European clients, necessitating a swift shift in makeup styles between consecutive days of wedding. Understanding the beauty preferences is crucial to ensuring bride satisfaction and delivering personalized makeup artistry that best fits with their individual styles and expectations.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends?

I mainly draw inspiration from Instagram, where makeup artists worldwide showcase daily updates and trends. I particularly enjoy exploring Reels videos, as they offer glimpses into emerging styles and techniques. When I come across a fresh trend, I enjoy incorporating it into my own makeup repertoire, blending it with my personal style to create unique looks for my clients.

Is there any new innovative technique or material that you have recently experimented with?

My favorite beauty product is BOBBI BROWN VITAMIN ENRICHED FACE BASE, a pre-makeup skin care base that is both a moisturizer and primer in one. Helps replenish moisture with shea butter, vitamins B, C, E along with the scent of grapefruit. It is a product that is suitable for all skin types.

What advice do you give to brides when choosing their wedding day hair and makeup?

When advising brides on their wedding day hair and makeup, I typically start by encouraging them to understand their own personal style. It's important to consider what makeup looks and hairstyles resonate most with them. Are they drawn to natural, subtle looks, or do they prefer something more dramatic and bold? By identifying their preferences, brides can provide a helpful reference point when meeting with a makeup artist. Additionally, I suggest that brides aim for a style that complements their natural features, whether it's matching their skin tone or enhancing their hair color. This approach ensures a bridal look that feels authentic and confident on their special day. In addition to considering personal style, I also recommend that brides prioritize skincare in the lead-up to their wedding day. Regular skincare routines and sun protection are essential to maintain a radiant complexion. Dry or uneven skin can affect the final makeup application, detracting from the overall look despite the makeup artist's efforts. Ultimately, our goal is for every bride to exude joy and happiness on their special day, as true beauty shines from within. Happiness not only enhances your inner radiance but also reflects in your outward appearance, creating a stunning bridal glow that makeup can accentuate beautifully.

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