Wasan Chirdchom

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A Krabi native, Wasan loves Phuket for both the professional opportunities and the idyllic family life it offers. As a wedding photographer, he loves capturing the most spontaneous and genuine scenes, especially all those little moments that unfold before and after the formal ceremonies. Understanding the importance of reliving the day quickly, Wasan prioritizes fast photo delivery for his clients.


Wedding Day Coverage

Starting From: 35,000 THB
  • 2 professional photographers
  • 5 hours of coverage
  • High-resolution JPEG photo files (800+ files)
  • Basic retouching (e.g. lighting & color correction)
  • Your favorite photos emailed to you within 3 days (optimized for easy sharing)


  • Delivery time - 30 days
  • Each extra hour: +5,000 THB/Hour

10 Questions

Could you tell us about your hometown and any other places that hold a place in your heart?

I grew up in Krabi. Phuket, where I've captured countless weddings, holds a special place in my heart too, inspiring my work with its stunning backdrops.

When did you first move to Phuket and why?

I moved to Phuket in 2023 because I loved the good weather here and it's great for my kid. Phuket offers a fantastic environment for raising a family, with excellent schools and a wide variety of activities for my son to enjoy.

What inspired your choice of becoming a wedding photographer?

I became a wedding photographer because it allows me to blend my love for photography with storytelling. Each wedding is like a blank canvas where I can paint the couple's love story with my camera. It's not just a job; it's a passion to freeze moments and evoke feelings through my photos.

What is your favorite moment to capture during a wedding?

I love capturing the after-party at weddings, especially when everyone hits the dance floor. It's when the formalities fade away and the real fun begins. Seeing people dance and enjoy themselves, letting loose and having a blast, is really special.

Is there any photographer or artist who greatly influenced your style?

Victor Lax, a wedding photographer from Spain, has been a profound influence on my style as a wedding photographer. His ability to capture authentic moments and emotions in such a natural and unobtrusive way is truly inspiring. I admire how he uses light and composition to tell a story, creating timeless images that resonate with genuine emotion. Studying his work has taught me the importance of staying true to my own vision while continuously striving to evolve and refine my craft.

What camera do you prefer to use?

I prefer Nikon cameras because they're dependable and they take really nice pictures. Their reputation for reliability and exceptional image quality is unmatched.

Do you have any favorite wedding venues in Phuket that you love to shoot at?

Sava Villas in Phuket is my top pick. It's just so picturesque and offers the perfect backdrop for capturing beautiful wedding moments. The scenery, architecture, and overall vibe make it a dream to shoot at.

Can you recall a particularly memorable or special wedding you have photographed?

One wedding I won't forget was at Sava Villa in 2018. It had guests from Hong Kong and Australia, making it stylish and fun. Seeing the mix of cultures and heartfelt moments among family and friends was unforgettable. It showed me that love knows no borders, making every photo special.

If you could go back to any time in history, what famous wedding would you like to photograph?

I cannot think of any particular famous wedding I would like to photograph but If I could revisit any past wedding, I'd choose an Indian wedding I photographed in Bangkok in 2017. It marked a turning point in my career. While I approached it with enthusiasm, I now see areas where I could have been better prepared. Indian weddings are rich in culture and emotion, offering a canvas of unparalleled beauty. Looking back, I'd aim to capture not just the celebration but the essence of love and unity. It's not about reliving a famous event but refining my craft and deepening my connection to my subjects.

Lastly, what advice would you give to couples when preparing for their wedding day?

My advice to the bridal couple is simple: prioritize your happiness. Focus on what truly matters to both of you, and trust in your vendors. Embrace the unexpected with grace and humor, and above all, cherish every moment together.

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